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Rural Healthcare
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All data is for fiscal year 2019, which ended 3/31/19. Percentages are values of total grant amounts.

Our Grants


Grants Date Amount Program
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

The role of Gamma-delta T cells in human early life immunity.

11.15.07, $328,123, Type 1 Diabetes

10.12.07 $328,123 Type 1 Diabetes
University of Iowa

RUPRI Health Panel Support

09.15.07, $525,003, Rural Healthcare

09.15.07 $525,003 Rural Healthcare
Floyd Valley Hospital

eEmergency at Floyd Valley Healthcare

08.12.07, $159,448, Rural Healthcare

08.12.07 $159,448 Rural Healthcare
Gordon Memorial Hospital District

eEmergency at Gordon Memorial Hospital

07.11.07, $174,400, Rural Healthcare

07.11.07 $174,400 Rural Healthcare
Asian Health Care Foundation

Improving access to diagnostics for Crohn's disease patients living below the poverty line in Southern India

05.12.07, $968,574, Crohn's Disease

05.12.07 $968,574 Crohn's Disease
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mother-to-Infant Transfer of Bacteriome, Virome, Fungome and Metabolome in health and Crohn's disease (Mommy-CD)

03.14.07, $2,545,516, Crohn's Disease

03.14.07 $2,545,516 Crohn's Disease
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Methylation patterns of cell-free DNA as a novel biomarker in Crohn’s disease

01.11.07, $1,012,804, Crohn's Disease

01.11.07 $1,012,804 Crohn's Disease
University of Utah

Anti-phage antibodies in stratifying Crohn’s disease diagnosis and treatment response

12.13.06, $1,481,077, Crohn's Disease

12.13.06 $1,481,077 Crohn's Disease
Partners Healthcare System, Inc. for the Brigham and Women's Hospital

Passive wireless monitoring of Crohn’s disease patients to track disease activity and predict flares

11.16.06, $3,996,267, Crohn's Disease

11.16.06 $3,996,267 Crohn's Disease
Cornell University for the Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Targeting the mycobiome in Crohn’s Disease: development of targeting strategy and biomarkers for prospective clinical trial

10.13.06, $1,142,209, Crohn's Disease

10.13.06 $1,142,209 Crohn's Disease
Consorci Institut d'Investigaciones Biomèdicas August Pi i Sunyer

Early detection of perianal fistulizing disease- Pathophysiology and Imaging

09.02.06, $1,538,280, Crohn's Disease

09.02.06 $1,538,280 Crohn's Disease
Boston Medical Center Corporation

Staging Crohn’s Disease using Mucosal Exosomes

08.15.06, $352,562, Crohn's Disease

08.15.06 $352,562 Crohn's Disease
Jaeb Center For Health Research Foundation, Inc.

Continuous Glucose Monitors for Non-diabetics Age

07.14.06, $168,279, Type 1 Diabetes

07.14.06 $168,279 Type 1 Diabetes
Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc.

Capacity building toward a sustainable Simulation in Motion Montana

06.14.06, $1,975,193, Rural Healthcare

06.14.06 $1,975,193 Rural Healthcare
Donation to Akshardham India

Religious Donation to Akshardham India

05.10.06, $10,000,111, Akshardham, India

05.10.06 $10,000,111 Akshardham, India
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Backbone State Park Building Restoration

04.12.06, $650,000, Rural Healthcare

04.12.06 $650,000 Rural Healthcare
Health Advocacy Summit, Inc.

Support for the Health Advocacy Summit and the Crohn's and Colitis Young Adults Network

03.12.06, $60,016, Crohn's Disease

03.12.06 $60,016 Crohn's Disease
Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

Effects of an Intermittent Reduced Calorie Diet on Crohn’s Disease

02.22.06, $1,561,858, Crohn's Disease

02.22.06 $1,561,858 Crohn's Disease
Shaare Zedek Medical Center

“Tasty & Healthy” is not a diet but a dietary approach: randomized controlled trials of excluding pro-inflammatory nutrients for inducing and maintaining remission in Crohn's disease

01.20.06, $2,590,962, Crohn's Disease

01.20.06 $2,590,962 Crohn's Disease
The Mayors Fund To Advance New York City

Let's Go Somewhere! A Conceptual Plan for Neighborhood Greenways

12.21.05, $1,000,000, New York City

12.21.05 $1,000,000 New York City