About Us

Our Work

Patel Welfare Foundation (PWF), established in 1995 as a Public Charitable Trust in New York USA., is renowned today for its charitable activities in healthcare, social welfare, Education and Religious sectors. Patel Wefare Foundation aspires to improve lives by supporting exceptional efforts in the India, U.S. and around the world in health and select place-based initiatives. We strive to make a meaningful impact in our focus areas, employing not only our significant financial assets, but also a rigorous and results-oriented approach. We are committed to close and productive partnerships with our grantees, as well as with other funders and impact players in government, academia, and the private sector who share our interests and goals. And we endeavor to be forward-thinking in every aspect of our work, which includes taking risks that others cannot or will not when we conclude that the risk/reward trade-off warrants investment. Learn more about how we work with the organizations we support.

Our Team

SURESH DEVJI VASANI | President Patel Welfare Foundation
Call: +13462225444 Whatsapp: +15512258807

DAMJI BESHERBHAI KOTADIA | Vise President Patel Welfare Foundation

BHARAT MANSUKHBHAI SORATHIA | Secretary Patel Welfare Foundation.

DINESH MOHANBHAI KAPDIA |Treasurer Patel Welfare Foundation.

ARVINDBHAI DAMJIBHAI KOTADIA | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation

RAJANIBHAI KISHORBHAI RADADIA | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

JAYESH KESHU VORAHA | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

BHARTI MANU KHUT | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

PREAMJI KESHUBHAI MEGHANI | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation

RAJESH SAMBHU KHUT | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

JANAK MANSUKH WAGHANI | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

RAMESH MURJI CHOTHANI | Executive Member Patel Welfare Foundation.

Our People

The dedicated grantmakers and other professionals who make up Patel Welfare Foundation come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring with them exceptional skill and experience. Our programs are staffed with subject matter experts who combine strong resumes in fieldwork in their respective areas of focus. Our management and administrative teams have joined Patel Welfare Foundation from world-class philanthropic and private sector institutions. All of these colleagues were drawn to Patel Welfare Foundation by the unique opportunity to work with our trustees to build this large and young organization into a leading charitable institution that will drive meaningful and measurable positive change in the India U.S. and around the world. Learn more about our staff and trustees.